The Sparrow Film Project returns with Edition 13 in Spring 2016.

The Film project returned to the Museum of the Moving Image on June 6-7th for screenings of all 53 submitted films, and Jue 11th for the Gala nominees screenings and awards show. For photos, visit our Facebook page.

The Sparrow Film Project started as a filmmaking contest in Queens, New York. A rag-tag group of artists came together and picked made-up-movie titles out of a hat. Based on the title picked, each participant had three weeks to make a three minute film. We screened all of the finished films and held an awards ceremony at our bar, The Sparrow Tavern.

Years later, this event continues to evolve. With each project, participants receive a new set of challenges that evoke passion and creativity for the artists involved and that generate cultural enrichment for the community. Once the films are submitted and judged, we celebrate the filmmakers and their efforts by hosting a gala — an emceed evening with live music, food and awards.

We hope to continue providing a forum in which the community can invent, create, and share ideas in the film medium.

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