Guideline specifics will be updated for each project, but the general rules apply each year. In short, you have exactly three weeks to make a film that is three minutes (or shorter). Longer films will be disqualified. Do not break the law, which includes violating copyrights. Do not include credits in your film, credits must be submitted separately online.

The Guidelines

  • A film that does not follow the criteria of the competition may be rejected.
  • Any submissions over three minutes in length (even by a frame) will be rejected.
  • Films are due Sunday April 10, 2016, by 11:59pm
  • Don’t use copyrighted material. Seriously. This includes music, clips from other films, broadcasted material, and radio programming.
  • Don’t break the law. The SFP team is not responsible for your actions.
  • We do not offer filmmakers compensation of any kind, and retain the right to use your submission all or in part for promotional purposes.
  • The signup fee is $20 in person / $25 online per team.
  • We cannot offer refunds if you don’t complete your film/don’t like the assignment/would rather do something else. Sorry.

Technical Requirements

  • File format: Quicktime .mov
  • Max resolution: 1920×1080
  • H.264 or Apple ProRes codecs preferred
  • File name must read “sfp13_teamname”
  • Do not include a credit roll in your film. Please fill out credits form accurately by 11:59, April 10

Submission via Dropbox

  • A Dropbox folder for each team will be shared with contact email for each team.
  • Files must be FINISHED uploading by 11:59pm, April 10

Submission via DVD/thumbdrive

  • Media must be delivered to The Sparrow Tavern Sunday April 10 between 7pm and 11:59pm.
  • Media must be clearly labeled with Team name and contact info.
  • Thumb drives will be returned.